Friday, 16 December 2011

The Whistles Vol.2: Whistles

The Whistles Vol.2
A compilation by The Whistles

Artwork by Sebastián Rubiano

01.Mr. Bleat - "Dulce"
02.Those - "Let's Go"
03.Monsieur Perine - "Ton Silence"
04.Il Abanico - "Solo"
05.Telebit - "Caer"
06.Planes - "Barco de Rió"
07.Los Fox - "Perdiendo La Cabeza"
08.The Clocks - "Transeúntes"
09.Reyes Verdes - "Tengo"
10.Rosales - "This Generation"

11.Neoplatonics - "Daniel"
12.Interlight - "Child's Play"
13.Alligator - "I´ll Walk Away"
14.Last Confessions - "Before Goodbye"
15.Electric Sasquatch - "Sasquatch's Song"
16.Resina Lala - "Chatarra"
17.Pure Mood - "Spit It Out"
18.Spastico - "Cielo Drive"
19.Fat Old Elvis - "Flying Blind"
20.Red O'Clock - "Dancing Violet"